Shubham Soni

Compositing Artist


Shubham Soni Showreel 2021 - Digital Compositing and 3D Artist.

My work

Tears of Steel - Personal Compositing Project May 2022

Apple Watch Product Visualization - Apple watch series 4 TVC recreation Product Visualization. Sep 2020

Moon Walk - My submission to pwnisher (YouTube) Alternate Realities Challenge. Watch Here May 2021

Tesla Model 3 - My submission to Automotive CG Challenge by Andrey lebrov. Watch Here Aug 2020

Drone Attack - My Submission for the MAAC 24FPS Skill Set Compositing category 2021. "WON GOLD" Watch Here Jan 2021

Product Visualization Work


Compositing Artist based in Bangalore, India. Who enjoy taking on challenging tasks and always seeking for new opportunities to learn and improve skills. Studied advanced VFX and 3D from MAAC, Indore. And also completed the Advance Nuke Compositing Course supported by Foundry from Hugo's Desk, I have 5+ years of experience as a 3d and compositing artist.


DatesPosition & Location
Aug 2023 - PresentMid Compositor - DNEG · Mumbai
Jul 2022 - May 2023Senior Compositing Artist - MPC · Bangalore
Oct 2021 - Jul 2022Compositing Artist - MPC · Bangalore
Jul 2019 - Nov 20213D and VFX Artist - Freelance · Indore


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My tools

IBK Color Master

[This tool allows users to quickly and easily create green or blue screen clean plate/defect maps using the ibk_colour stack method. It is a straightforward process that is completed in a few steps.]

IBK Color Master v3

IBK Color Master v3 Tutorial by Shahid Gire aka. VFX SHOWDOWN

IBK Color Master v3 Updates

  • Enhanced "Patch Steps" Feature: The "Patch Steps" feature now uses Python to create nodes on the go, minimizing the number of nodes used when fewer patch steps are used.

  • New "Patch Roughly" Option: Added a handy "Patch Roughly" feature that quickly and lightly extends edge colors using the "EdgeExtend" node. It complements the "Patch Steps" function, allowing users to cover details around edges with higher quality patch and then fill remaining areas efficiently with Patch Roughly.

  • Added "Crop" Knob: Included a "Crop" knob with a default overscan of 0 pixels, giving users more control over the cropping with or without overscan.

  • Removed Mask Input: Mask input is now hidden by default, with a checkbox to enable it when needed.

  • One-Click IBK Gizmo Creation: Added a little time-saving "Create IBK Gizmo" button. It automatically create the IBKGizmo node, connects inputs correctly, and sets screen color same as IBK Color Master for quicker setup.


  • Choose either the green or blue screen color for the shot. Activate the 'View without patch' switch. Adjust the darks, lights, and erode values to achieve the desired outcome. If necessary, utilize the 'Exclude mask' input feature to manually roto and remove any fine details that were not captured with the darks and light adjustments. When finished, deactivate the 'View without patch' switch.

  • Set the 'Patch steps' amount according to the shot requirements. It is recommended to use a small value for better performance. If there are still areas that have not been patched with the 'Patch steps' option, then use the 'Patch roughly' option to fill in the remaining area.


  • Copy 'IBK Color Master v3.gizmo' to '.nuke' folder.

  • Copy below text in ''.

nodemenu ='Nodes')
KeyerMenu ='Keyer')
KeyerMenu.addCommand("IBK Color Master", "nuke.createNode('IBK_Color_Master_v3.gizmo')", icon="IBKColour.png")

  • Done. Open nuke and enjoy keying.